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4 Way Pallet

  • Four-ways are comprised of a handful of basic elements: top deck boards, stringers or stringer boards and blocks, and bottom deck boards.
  • In the case of stringer pallets, the stringers are notched to allow for fork entry.
  • These are known as partial four-way entry pallets.
  • When constructed with blocks, the pallet is known as a true four-way entry pallet and can be entered from either end and both sides by both FLT as well as powered pallet jack.
  • This allows the operator greater ease to maneuver within a distribution or storage situation than a two-way pallet and provides for better utilization in transit.
  • The bottom deck of a four-way pallet typically comes in two distinctive styles: either with a complete perimeter base or with three boards at the base.
  • They provide great strength when required for heavy loads and are generally regarded as stronger than two-way pallets.

2 Way Pallet

  • As their name suggests, two-way pallets can be entered by a forklift truck either from their front or rear.
  • They comprise three basic elements: the top deck boards, the bearers at the sides and the bottom deck boards or baseboards.
  • Generally, two-way pallets are more economical to manufacture than four-way pallets.
  • Their key limitation is related to the lack of flexibility with regards to pallet entry, making full space utilization more of a challenge when loading freight vehicles or in warehouses or other distribution facilities.
  • The reason that space utilization may be compromised is that two-way pallets must be oriented in a way in order to be entered by a forklift.

Custom and oversized Pallets

Here at Eco Friendly Pallet we can provide and manufacture various designs which meets the client’s requirements.

New Pallets

At Eco Friendly Pallet we manufacture a wide variety of pallets to meet our client’s requirements. We manufacture both Stringer and Block Pallets using new wood. New pallets will last longer are more durable and tough.

Recycled Grade 1 or Grade 2 Pallets

At Eco Friendly Pallet we do not waste wood we reuse them. For our clients we offer a profitable alternative with standard sized recycled Grade 1 and Grade 2 pallets ready to go so there is no time wasted. We can design and customize the recycled and used pallets for our client’s requirement.

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